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John Legere apologizes for offending EFF, but stands his ground in support of Binge On


T-Mobile’s Binge On is a service that “optimizes” (or as some say, throttles) video streams for mobile devices to use less of your data, and with many services, use no data at all. Though this can be good for customers, many feel that it violates net neutrality.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere, being such a controversial character, recently responded to an EFF report about Binge On with some expletives. Today, the CEO released a letter further defending Binge On that explains the benefits and inner workings of Binge On in a friendly way, even though it’s the same thing we’ve heard again and again. He also apologized for offending the EFF and its supporters, though he doesn’t apologize for the core message of his words.

Of course, T-Mobile is going to stand by its new service. And truth be told, it does have benefits for many customers, and it can be turned off if you wish. But the fight for net neutrality will continue, and we’ll have to see how it ends.

Source: T-Mobile

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