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New AT&T unlimited data plan arrives tomorrow for DIRECTV, U-Verse TV subscribers


AT&T hasn’t offered an unlimited data plan to new customers for years now, but starting tomorrow, it’ll begin doing just that.

Beginning January 12, AT&T’s new Unlimited Plan will offer unlimited talk, text, and data for $100 per month. Additional smartphones can be added to the plan at a rate of $40 per month, but AT&T says that it’ll give you the fourth line free (in the form of a bill credit that’ll appear after two months). That means that you can get four smartphones with unlimited data for $180 per month.

The catch is that you’ll need to be a DIRECTV or U-Verse TV subscriber to get this new Unlimited Plan. If you’re not yet a DIRECTV or U-Verse TV user, you can get a TV package starting at $19.99 per month for 24 months. Or if you’re a DIRECTV or U-Verse TV customer but you’re not on AT&T wireless, you can get up to $500 in bill credits when you switch to the Unlimited Plan and get a phone on AT&T Next. AT&T will also knock $10 off your bill every month when you get wireless and TV service.

If you do sign up for AT&T’s Unlimited Plan, you’ll be able to add non-smartphones to it as well. Tablets can be added for $40 per month, but you can also get a 1GB/$10 plan if your tablet doesn’t need unlimited data. Smartwatches and “select connected devices” can be added for $10 per month, while basic and messaging phones can join the plan at a rate of $25 per month.

Considering that it’s been years since AT&T offered unlimited data plans to new customers, it’s kind of exciting to see unlimited data returning to AT&T. Of course, there’s a catch associated with this new plan, which means that some folks that’d like an unlimited data plan on AT&T won’t get this new offering. If you’ve already got DIRECTV or U-Verse TV or are interested in signing up for it, though, you could soon have unlimited data on AT&T, too.

Anyone going to sign up for AT&T’s new unlimited plan?

Source: AT&T

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