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Nexus 5X price drops to $349, matches launch price of Nexus 5


Despite being produced by the same company and even being given a name to denote its heritage, the Nexus 5X hasn’t lived up to its predecessor in the eyes of most Android fans. Naturally, launching in the shadow of its larger and more powerful sibling the Nexus 6P didn’t make things easy for the 5X. While it matches the 6P in a few areas, like camera hardware, it falls short in many others that even the average user can appreciate.

We’ve seen a number of temporary price cuts on the Nexus 5X already, but this $30 price cut to $349 appears to be permanent and should be spreading out to the rest of the retailers in the coming days.

This cut brings the Nexus 5X price down to the launch price of the original Nexus 5, which should quell some complaints. While I personally would still recommend saving up for the 6P, the 5X at $349 is certainly a worthwhile consideration for a developer looking for an inexpensive stock device or a price-conscious consumer that wants to stay updated.

At $349, do you think the Nexus 5X will see an uptick in sales or is the mid-range competition just too stiff these days?

Source: Google Store

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