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Razer celebrating 6th consecutive CES award with international 50% off sale


Now before you get too crazy with your plotting, the deal is restricted to peripherals and accessories and is limited to one item per customer. If you are looking to score a new PC from Razer, they will have some at 30% off, but all of these deals are “while supplies last,” so you are going to need to be there right when thingsĀ kick off.

This deal is restricted to those with a Razer ID that are members of Razer Insider, so if you haven’t already ticked those boxes, you’ll need to sign up for both before they will issue you your unique discount code. Hit the source link at the end of the post for instructions on how to do so at Razer’s site.

While Razer isn’t a mobile-focused company by any stretch of the imagination, they do have a number of products that Android fans can appreciate, particularly at 50% off. I’ll let you go ahead and do your own shopping over there, but for Android fans, a couple items to look at are the Razer Serval Bluetooth game controller and the Razer Leviathan Mini Bluetooth Speaker.

I’ll warn you that you can find many of Razer’s products for around 50% off on a typical day on the web, so do a quick search if something catches your eye to make sure it’s really a great deal. Also, you should focus on items that are over $98, as you need to clear $49 on the final order to qualify for free shipping.

The deal kicks off at different times depending on where you are. In the U.S. and Canada it begins at 8 PM Central time on Thursday the 14th, the Asia Pacific region starts at 10 a.m. SGT on Friday the 15th, and Europe at 10 a.m. CET on Friday the 15th.

Congratulations to Razer on yet another win at CES this year and happy deal hunting. Let us know if you manage to score anything awesome.

Source: Razer

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