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Rumor: Amazon could be on the verge of launching a portable Echo

Amazon Echo

According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal today, Amazon is readying a more portable version of its Echo home assistant to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

If the report is to be believed, the new portable Echo will be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Instead of needing a wired power connection like the current Echo, the portable Echo would use a power dock to charge, with a button used to talk to the device as opposed to the current Echo’s always-on functionality.

While the Echo was launched as a sort of experimental beta device for Amazon, the Echo has become a surprise hit for the company. It’s unclear exactly how a portable Echo would function, but losing the ability to call out to Echo without having to provide any other sort of interaction, like a button press, would take away a bit of what makes Echo so convenient in the first place. If WSJ is right, we’ll know more shortly.

The current Amazon Echo is available for purchase now.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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