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Samsung has solved the reverse S Pen issue in new models of the Galaxy Note 5


When the Galaxy Note 5 was released, it received wide critical acclaim. Not long after, however, a different story began to sweep through the blogosphere. Some users found out the hard way that if they inserted the device’s signature S Pen in backwards, it could cause serious issues, including getting the S Pen stuck and destroying the S Pen auto detection within the phone. Now, a couple of months after the initial buzz, Samsung has quietly found a solution to the problem that it’s implementing in newly-produced models of the Galaxy Note 5.

The newer models of the Galaxy Note 5 include circuit boards that have a safety addition on the S Pen auto detection sensor. The new sensors have a small off-white tab that allows the S Pen to be safely ejected even if it’s been inserted backwards. The inital circuit boards didn’t have this cap, allowing the auto-detection sensor to simply snap if the S Pen was inserted backwards. You can check out the difference in the photo below.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Circuit Board

Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing which models now have this and which don’t. That being said, Samsung has clearly highlighted the proper way to insert the S Pen in the manual and packaging, so you should simply exercise caution and pay attention when you’re inserting the S Pen. But if you do have a new model and you make the mistake of inserting it backwards, at least you no longer have to fear losing your S Pen.

Source: Phandroid

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