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Saygus V2 now expected to launch in Q1 2016 with Marshmallow


The Saygus V2 has had an interesting history. The phone debuted at CES 2015 and got a lot of attention thanks to its spec sheet, which includes two microSD slots. Saygus then opened pre-orders and an Indiegogo campaign, but here we are in 2016 and the phone still hasn’t launched. Saygus now says that that’ll change soon.

The company recently posted a tweetstorm to explain to shed some light on what’s been happening since it last updated us on the V2 in November 2015. Saygus says that it stopped working with one of its partners at the end of the year and now it controls “most of the process” of making the V2. “It has been a great relief not having to count on the words from a partner who may or may not provide us with accurate details or updates,” the company explained.

Saygus went on to say that they expect the V2 to ship in Q1 2016, following the availability of its new fingerprint readers in early February. Now that it’s a year out from its original announcement, Saygus is upgrading the V2’s spec list a bit, giving it Android 6.0 Marshmallow, dual SIM slots, and USB Type-C as well as making it “washable.” Saygus is also throwing in earbuds, an extra protective cover, a spare battery, and 50 percent off its next phone with V2 purchases.

The Saygus V2 was originally slated to launch in spring 2015, then it got pushed to the fall, and now it’s slated to arrive in Q1 2016. Whether or not Saygus hits this latest release window remains to be seen, but if you’re still sticking with your pre-order, at least you know that your phone will feature some upgraded features whenever it finally ships.

Have any of you pre-ordered a Saygus V2?

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