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Specs leak for the HTC One M10; this year’s smartphone to beat?


HTC has had a rough time over the past couple of years. The company has struggled financially for quite some time, but it looked to be on the road to recovery after launching the oft-praised HTC One M7. The company followed that success up with the One M8, another hit. But last year’s HTC One M9 was a miss for the company, failing to move forward in any substantial way.

This year, HTC looks to be coming out swinging with the upcoming HTC One M10. The device will reportedly be one of HTC’s most advanced devices to date, and a new specs leak from VentureBeat appears to confirm that.

HTC is reportedly packing the One M10 with a 5.1-inch QHD (2560×1440) AMOLED display, making it the first HTC global flagship to feature a QHD display. In terms of horsepower, the One M10 will reportedly utilize Qualcomm’s powerful new Snapdragon 820 process paired with an Adreno 530 GPU and 4GB of RAM. In terms of storage, the prototype device in question had 23GB of usable storage, indicating a storage capacity of at least 32GB.

The One M10 also reportedly features a fingerprint scanner built into a physical home button. Unfortunately, we still can’t be too sure about the design, as the leaker declined to comment on the design, aside from mentioning that the device no longer features front-facing BoomSound speakers, which will be a disappointment to many HTC fans. The leaker also mentioned that the design may be subject to change, so take potential design leaks with a grain of salt.

While HTC has swung back and forth with its camera technology, the company looks to be returning to its homegrown UltraPixel technology for the One M10. UltraPixels, of course, are intended to improve low-light performance, though their effectiveness has been somewhat debated. The device will reportedly feature a 12-UltraPixel rear camera with laser autofocus. Additionally, both the front and rear cameras on the One M10 will utilize optical image stabilization, helping to avoid shaking in video and low-light.

As it currently stands, HTC looks to have a very strong device on its hands. We can’t predict the future, but from how it sounds, it seems that HTC could have a winner, potentially turning the company around if it’s marketed correctly.

HTC reportedly won’t be announcing the One M10 at Mobile World Congress. Instead, the company is planning to wait and announce the device at its own event later in the spring. Until then, we’ll continue to keep you up to date on the latest HTC One M10 rumors.

Source: VentureBeat

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