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Sprint looks to be ditching contracts


We’ve seen a lot of carrier shake-ups recently, with Sprint making plenty of changes on its end. And according to a new leak, it looks as though Sprint is making another big move. A leaked internal document reveals that Sprint is ditching the traditional two-year contracts for smartphones. The company has moved further and further away from two-year contracts over the past couple of years, but customers have always had the option if they so desired. With this change, new customers will be required to lease, use a payment plan or pay the full retail price of the smartphone they’re looking to get.

Interestingly enough, Sprint is still offering a two-year contract option for tablets. That could change in the future, though that remains to be seen. The move to ditch two-year contracts for smartphones comes as part of Sprint’s timeline of changes designed to revitalize the carrier. Sprint promised that two-year contracts for smartphones would be gone by the end of 2015, so it came┬ávery close to meeting that deadline.

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Source: Android Central

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