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The LG G5 could have a removable battery that slides in using a ‘Magic Slot’


The LG G5 is destined to be one of 2016′s biggest flagships, but the rumor mill has been surprisingly quiet regarding the device. But a new report from CNET Korea is changing that, with the site reporting that the LG G5 will have an intriguing new design to allow for a removable battery. Rather than simply peeling off the backplate to access the battery, the G5 will instead use what LG is calling a Magic Slot, which will allow the bottom of the device to be removed, so as to allow users to slide batteries in and out at will.

You can check out the render up top, which is based upon eyewitness accounts of the design. LG is reportedly utilizing the Magic Slot in order to create a unibody device while still allowing users the option of a removable battery. Very few devices continue to offer removable batteries, making the feature a bit of a selling point for the G5.

Interestingly, the bottom portion of the device also appears to house the microphone and possibly the microSD card slot, which could technically make the LG G5 one of the first modular phones on the market. That being said, the design only allows for removing and inserting a battery, so the modular flexibility isn’t nearly as great as a test device like Project Ara.

We’ll keep you posted on further news regarding the LG G5.

Via: Phandroid

Source: CNET Korea

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