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The Room 3 arrives on Android, puzzler fans rejoice


The Room series is one of the most celebrated in mobile and the latest installment, The Room 3, is available on Android today for $4.99.

For those unfamiliar with the series, it involves solving a series of elaborate puzzle boxes, but a description really can’t do it justice. The detail of the puzzles and the well-realized atmosphere of the games are a big part of their success. These would be excellent games whether on mobile or not, but the tactile experience of probing to solve the puzzles on a touchscreen means they are perfectly suited to mobile.

I just downloaded the game myself, so I can’t personally speak to what Fireproof Games has done to up the ante for the third installment, but reviews of the iOS version (available since November) indicate that the game is both more expansive than the previous offerings,¬†with about 6-8 hours of gameplay to reach the end and multiple endings possible.

There is a storyline that carries through the games, so if you haven’t played the previous games, you should snatch them up The Room for 99 cents and The Room 2 for $1.99 before trying your hand at the newest release.

Source: Google Play: The Room 3

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