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Withings Go fitness tracker offers 8 months battery life and an E ink display for $69


Withings continues to charge hard at the wearable market without going head to head with the true smartwatch crowd.

The Withings Go is the latest offering and it takes a decidedly more dressed down approach than the Activité line, but at least in my opinion a more compelling look than the Pulse 02.

That 8 months of battery life is probably going to be the highlight feature of the Go for those that can’t stomach the idea of another gadget to charge. The E Ink screen and of course minimal functionality are responsible for that extended battery life. The Go is simply there to track your sleep and fitness activity and provide the time when called upon to do so.

The Go comes with two modules in the box; the first is a clip to attach to your pants, shirt, sports bra or perhaps your shoelaces and the second is a rubber watch style band. The modules come in either black, yellow, red, blue or green.

The Go is also able to be worn while swimming, something most of the more advanced fitness trackers don’t recommend, and will successfully differentiate between activities like swimming, running or walking.

While you can view your daily activity progress on the E Ink display, there is far more data to be had when viewing the Health Mate app.

The Withings Go certainly isn’t going to be for everyone given the stripped down functionality versus a smartwatch, but for those that only really care about fitness tracking and want to just put something on and forget about it the $69 Withings Go will be a compelling package when it launches later this year.

Source: Withings

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