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This Choetech Iron Stand Qi wireless charger is cheap and beautiful [coupon code]

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Wireless charging has two major disadvantages when compared to standard wireless charging: charging speed and the fact that your mobile device needs to be positioned just right for the coils in the phone and charger to work together. In most standard puck-style wireless chargers, there’s nothing to physically help you position your phone correctly to enable the wireless charging. That means that you need to fiddle around with the phone’s position until charging begins. This experience kind of ruins all the convenience that comes from using wireless charging. Most people don’t like difficult-to-use things, even if it removes cables from the equation.

A few companies have jumped on a superior design for a wireless charger: the stand. The advantage of the stand design is that I never need to hunt for the right phone position on the wireless charger. Instead, I set my Nexus 6 down so it’s centered on charging stand and it starts charging. It’s that easy.

I’ve been using the TYLT VU stand for over two years and love it. In fact, I own three of them. Today I’m reviewing the Choetech Iron Stand Qi wireless charger.

Choetech Iron Stand-11I love the way the Choetech Iron Stand looks. It definitely looks better in person than it does on Amazon. The Iron Stand has an aluminum frame that gives it a sturdy feel. It also has rubber feet that hold it in place well on different surfaces and a rubber pad for the phone to sit on so it’s not resting directly on aluminum. The charging coils sit in a plastic case behind the stand and are covered by a mirror-finish plastic that looks great. The Iron Stand is powered with a 2 Amp adapter and a microUSB cable that plugs into the right side of the stand. 1 Amp of power is supplied by the wireless charging coils. When a device is charging wirelessly, the stand has bright blue LEDs that will light up.

The Iron Stand has three coils that allow for flexible positioning that works in landscape or portrait mode. Additionally, the stand ensures that you can use your phone while it’s charging, putting it at an angle so that you can easily watch videos or browse email. It’s a much more convenient than phone sitting flat on a desk.

I’ve reviewed only one other stand style wireless charger here on Android and Me, the TYLT VU, so I will be comparing the Choetech Iron Stand charger with the TYLT VU. I like the Iron Stand over the TYLT VU in almost every aspect:

  • Looks: The TYLT VU has lots of fun colors, but none of them look very fancy. Instead, they have a more sporty silicone look. The Choetech Iron Stand is aluminum, is built strong, and looks premium. It would look great on any desk.
  • Charging footprint: I’ve never had trouble with positioning with the TYLT VU with my Nexus devices, but the Samsung Galaxy S6 doesn’t seem to like the TYLT VU in portrait positioning. Meanwhile, the Choetech Iron Stand has no issues with the Galaxy S6 or my Nexus 6 in any position. I think this is the first wireless charger my wife will actually use because it works with her Galaxy S6 every time.
  • Angle: The angle on the Choetech Iron Stand is steeper than the TYLT VU, which makes it better for using your phone while it’s charging. The TYLT VU is a tad too shallow for me, and when my wife uses the TYLT VU to watch shows on a tablet, I often see her propping up the back with a book or something to increase the angle of the screen. I don’t think she’d need to do that with the Iron Stand.
  • MicroUSB charging input: The TYLT VU uses a barrel-style charging connector to power it, while the Choetech Iron Stand uses a microUSB cable. If you’re anything like me, you have plenty of microUSB chargers and cables laying around, and it’s nice to not have to have another charging cable if I don’t need it.
  • Price: The Choetech Iron Stand is currently only $35.99 on Amazon, compared to $54 for the cheapest TYLT VU color option. This price feels like a steal for how awesome this wireless charger is. And for a limited time, we have an exclusive Amazon coupon code from Choetech — PYNVNA6E — to take an additional $7 off the Iron Stand. The code will bring the price down to $28.99 and is good through Friday, Jan 22.

Choetech Iron Stand-dataHow does the Choetech Iron Stand compare to the TYLT VU with regards to charging speed? As you can see in the figure to the right, the charging speeds are basically identical between the two different chargers with my Nexus 6. As a disclaimer, these values are not averages over several different tests, but instead are single tests. The results may vary on different days or with different devices. With my Nexus 6, the TYLT VU and Iron Stand both charged at a rate of about 0.20% per minute when rounded to the nearest hundredth. It’s a clear tie.

The Choetech Iron Stand is a beautiful Qi wireless charger at a great price. It can be found for $35.99 on Amazon and comes with an 18-month warranty. Again, we have an exclusive Amazon coupon code for a limited time — PYNVNA6E — to take an additional $7 off the Iron Stand. I can’t yet comment on durability or longevity of the Choetech Iron Stand like I can with the TYLT VU, but right now, the Iron Stand has reached the top spot on my list of wireless chargers. It looks great, it works well, and the price is awesome. I highly recommend it.

What’s your favorite wireless charger? If you don’t have a wireless charging device, what’s your favorite charging accessory? Have any questions about the Choetech Iron Stand? Let me know your thoughts by commenting below.

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