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Access to AMP webpages rolling out to Google Search

Google HQ

In today’s age of wanting instant access to everything, webpages that load slowly can be a real drag. In fact, people tend to leave sites that haven’t loaded in less than three seconds. Google is aiming to fix this with the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project.

AMP is an initiative to make fast loading mobile webpages. Many sites have joined the AMP project, and Google is starting to show these AMP pages in Google Search marked with a small thunderbolt and AMP logo.

These pages will load very quickly, or even instantly. They’re supposed to use 10┬átimes less data than other sites, both saving you data and time. And with AMP sites showing at the top of web searches, you can scroll between these sites in the search results to get exactly the info you need.

This project is really good for everyone. Users get a better web experience, sites that take the initiative get more traffic, and Google gets more use. Let us know when you start seeing AMP pages show up in your search results!

Source: Google Blog

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