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Adblock Fast for Samsung’s browser makes a return to the Play Store after being removed


The first day of February saw Samsung announce new content and ad-blocking APIs included within its stock Internet browser Android app, and a launch partner in the app Adblock Fast from developer Rocketship Apps. But just a couple of days later, Google pulled the app from the Play Store, leaving some to scratch their heads in confusion.

Now the app is back, less than a week after it was initially pulled from the Play Store. Rocketship Apps has confirmed that the app is now restored within the digital storefront after the developer appealed Google’s decision to remove it in the first place. Google accepted that appeal and now the app is available to download again. The app has been updated to version 1.1.0 in its absence from the store, and now includes support for Android 4.0 devices, too.

Adblock Fast is using Samsung’s official API within the stock browser, so its removal from the Play Store was a bit confusing, especially considering Google’s reasoning. When the app was pulled, Google cited a violation of section 4.4 of the Google Developer Distribution Agreement, which outlines that no app can interfere with a third-party app or service. The removal of Adblock Fast was also confusing considering there were other ad-blocking apps still available in the Play Store, which also used Samsung’s official APIs.

In any event, the app is now back for those that like using Samsung’s stock Internet browser.

Via: Rocketship Apps

Source: Adblock Fast (Play Store)

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