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Alto’s Adventure coming to Android next week as a free-to-play game


Alto’s Adventure was one of those games that you couldn’t escape hearing about from iOS friends when it launched last year, and almost precisely one year later, it will finally be available on Android. We’ve known it was coming since September, but the developers announced via Twitter, that the game will finally hit Google Play next Thursday, February 11th.

For those that did somehow escape the Alto adulation, it is an endless runner-style game, but you are on a snowboard and trying to escape some apparently disgruntled llamas. You need to gather coins and power-ups while avoiding obstacles and doing flips and grinds as you speed your way down the mountain. There is a renewing set of challenges for you to attempt on each run and new characters with varying skills to unlock.

There’s one main difference between the Android version of the game and the iOS version, and that is the $2.99 upfront cost on iOS. The developer has opted to go free-to-play for Android as they feel it is a better match for the platform. The game will be monetized with opt-in video ads as well as an available in-app purchase that will double the value of the coins you collect in the game. The higher piracy rates on Android are one stated concern, but the developer also simply indicated that they felt this was where things are going generally for mobile gaming.

The gameplay remains identical between the iOS and Android versions of the game, so you aren’t going to be seeing banner ads flying across the screen or any monetization tactics that interfere with play. The developer also remains open to trying new things should this strategy not prove effective, including an in-app purchase that simply makes it a paid game with no opt-in ads.

If you enjoy endless runner-style games, I would highly recommend downloading Alto’s Adventure when it hits Google Play next week. I spent a fair amount of time with it last year, and while it isn’t a complex game, it is beautifully executed, and at the low price of free, you can definitely afford to give it a shot.

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Source: The Snowman Blog

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