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Deal: Newegg offering a $25 gift card with every Honor 5X


The Honor 5X is already a pretty crazy deal at $199. Many are calling it the best budget smartphone on the market, and just days after it officially launched in the U.S., you can score an even better deal through Newegg.

For a limited time only, every Honor 5X purchase through Newegg will include a $25 gift card, bringing the cost of the Honor 5X down to $174 if you are like me and consider $25 at Newegg basically as good as cash.

The deal is available on all three colors, and at the moment they are all in stock, unlike Amazon, which is backed up about a month on the gold model.

We have no idea how long this offer is going to be available, but if you are interested in the Honor 5X, this is probably the best deal you are going to see anytime soon.

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