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DisplayMate names Samsung Galaxy S7 display best it’s ever tested


Samsung mobile displays have long been considered some of the best around, with the company’s flagships being outfitted with AMOLED displays that always push the boundaries of what’s available at the time. With the Galaxy S7, Samsung decided to keep both the display size and resolution the same as the previous year’s model, which ended up winning it DisplayMate’s “best mobile display tested” title.

DisplayMate says that Samsung bumped the brightness by 24% over the Galaxy S6. Colors are also spot-on with customizable color profiles. Samsung introduced Personalized Automatic Brightness Control, as well, which learns your preferred brightness depending on the lighting situation, and DisplayMate claims it works really well.

Overall, the Galaxy S7 display comes out on top in almost every test, coming second in a few to the Galaxy Note 5 that it ends up besting. So if you want an amazing display, you know what device to buy. We’re glad to see Samsung improving the display outside of insane resolutions, instead opting to make every other aspect better.

Source: DisplayMate

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