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Facebook Live now available on Android as the U.S. rollout begins

Facebook Live for Android

Facebook Live has been available to iOS users for a bit of time now, and finally the social network is bringing its live video streaming to Google’s operating system.

Through an update in the Facebook Newsroom, the company has announced that Facebook Live is now rolling out to Android users. The rollout is only taking place in the United States for now, but Facebook says it has plans to bring it to more countries in the coming months. It’s pretty simple to share your live video: Just tap on “What’s on your mind” at the top of your News Feed, and then tap on the Live Video button.

Before you start streaming the video, you’ll be able to type in a quick description of what you plan on streaming, and you’ll even get to choose the audience that can see your video as you stream. There will be a real-time stream of comments that you can respond to and you’ll see the names of friends and family that are watching as well as the number of viewers. After ending the stream, the video will be saved to¬†your Timeline.

Do you plan on streaming, or watching, a lot of live video on Facebook?

Source: Facebook Newsroom

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