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Galaxy S7 could have dramatically improved battery life UPDATE: Nope

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No one has ever claimed the Samsung Galaxy S6 gets amazing battery life. In fact, it’s mostly the exact opposite. But according to a rumor from Eldar Murtazin (yes, that Eldar Murtazin), the Galaxy S7 is a huge improvement.

Posting on Twitter, long time mobile industry writer, also known for numerous rumors over the years, Murtazin is claiming to have a pre-release Galaxy S7 in his possession that is getting him through two days of moderate usage. That’s with the display at 75% brightness and with no WiFi. Murtazin has been hit or miss over the years with his rumors, but with screenshots to back him up, there’s good reason to believe this might be accurate.

Of course, how everyone uses their phone will greatly change the kind of battery life they get, but with a rumored 3000mAh battery coming to the Galaxy S7, it’s safe to assume everyone will see at least some sort of positive improvement. Whether or not you’ll really be able to get two days of usage remains to be seen.


Apparently, Murtazin was not talking about the Galaxy S7 in his tweet referencing his good battery life with the Samsung phone he is using. Does that mean the Galaxy S7 won’t have better battery life? Not at all! We still have faith, but we don’t have any proof that may be the case … yet.

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