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Gmail adds Rich Text Formatting support and Instant RSVP


The Gmail team wants to help you manage your inbox, and tools will help you do just that, which is why new features manage to find their way into the Gmail app on a regular basis. The latest additions will help you get your point across and make it easier to accept calendar invitations.

The first part of the new update is support for Rich Text Formatting. With RTF support, users will be able to not only italicize text, but also bold it, underline it, highlight it, and color it if they so desire. This should help emphasize words to really drive home what you’re getting at. For mobile users, it’s a long time coming.


The second part of the update is support for “Instant RSVP,” which will allow you to simply tap a button to see your calendar and find out if you’re able to make it to an event. The new feature supports both Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange.

The changes should be rolling out now, but could take some time to show up. What do you think of the new additions?

Source: Gmail Blog

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