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Gmailify gives you all the best features of Gmail for your other emails


For many of us, Gmail is the best email client out there. And ever since the Gmail app for Android was updated with support for other emails, we could keep track of our old emails that are still linked to some services. But with the latest announcements, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail and Outlook will get Gmail features through the use of the Gmail app.

If you enable new Gmailify feature, using those emails and retaining the original email name will allow you to take advantage of Gmail’s spam protection, categories, and more. You’ll even start getting Google Now cards from info in those emails!

The spam protection and Google Now cards are the best features and really sound like a great addition. The update to Gmail is rolling out today, so you’ll soon be able to link those email accounts to your Gmail account and get these features!

Source: Gmail Blog

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