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Google announces end of support for Flash ads


Though Flash played an incredibly important part in the evolution of the internet, all things must come to an end. The once revolutionary plugin is now bloated, slow, a resource hog, and most importantly, a security mess. Flash vulnerabilities seem to never stop popping up, and updates come constantly.

Google knows this, and has announced an official deadline for the end of Flash advertisements on its AdWords service. It won’t be happening all that soon though, as it may be difficult for companies to fully transition away from Flash. The end of Flash support for AdWords and DoubleClick Digital Marketing is June 30, and for Google Display Network and DoubleClick it’s January 2, 2017.

It may be far off, but it’s a very exciting change that will span quite a bit of the internet. The death of Flash will be a satisfying thing to witness, despite nostalgia making it a little bit sad. Are you guys excited for Flash to go away?

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