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Google is developing its own stand-alone virtual reality headset

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Considering how prevalent virtual reality (VR) has become over the last year or so, it’s getting hard to ignore. Google already has a bit of a play in the VR market with its Cardboard platform, and word has it that it’s planning on building a competitor to Samsung’s Gear VR setup, but it turns out there’s something else in the works, too.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Google is hard at work on putting together a virtual reality headset that’s completely a stand-alone experience. That means that, if this project is real, an owner wouldn’t need to connect it to their computer or a smartphone.

According to sources, the device “will include a screen, high-powered processors and outward-facing cameras.” The sources say that this experience is supposed to be a “middle-ground” one, which means it will offer something between the Cardboard experience, and what someone using an Oculus Rift might find.

As far as a release window goes, one source says that Google is priming the new headset for a launch this year. However, another source says that Google’s plans are still in the early stages, and the new VR headset might not launch for some time.

What do you think? Are you enjoying all this VR love?

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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