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Google is reportedly partnering with Vizio to put Chromecast tech in TVs

Google Chromecast

When Google created the Chromecast, it gained plenty of attention. But one downside of the Chromecast is that it’s still an accessory that you have to plug into your TV. With the rise of smart TVs that have the tech built directly into them, it’s becoming slightly antiquated to continue plugging accessories into them.

That could soon change with the Chromecast, however, as Variety is reporting that Google is partnering with Vizio to build Chromecast tech directly into TVs. The TVs won’t be smart TVs, but they will feature Google Cast built directly into them, so your other devices will recognize them in the same way that they’d recognize a Chromecast.

Google isn’t playing the exclusivity game, though. Variety reports that the tech giant has approached at least one other TV manufacturer in regards to a similar partnership. With Google looking to bring casting functionality directly to TVs, it’s also possible that the company could have plans to merge Android TV and casting technology.

Additionally, Vizio may be planning to change the system by using the remote. According to this report, the company could be ditching a traditional remote in exchange for a tablet. This tablet would be pre-loaded with apps for streaming and casting content.

At this point, there’s still a lot of speculation surrounding the matter, but with the launch of Vizio’s new TVs reportedly coming this spring, it may not be long before we hear official word on the matter.

Source: Variety

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