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HTC allegedly revealing next One flagship April 11/May 9, possibly ditching M10 suffix


HTC has been using the M7, M8, and M9 suffix for three years now, but that may change this year. If this rumor is true, HTC will be releasing a new flagship under the “HTC One” name but with a new suffix to denote the model.

The same rumor also gives a date for the unveiling, which is April 11. Although @evleaks says it’ll be launched May 9. We won’t know until the official announcement.

Though the name matters little, the actual device needs to be pretty great and not another mildly improved last gen model. We really want HTC to succeed, so let’s hope this year’s flagship is truly great, M10 or otherwise.

Source: 4GNews, @evleaks
Via: Phandroid

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