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Latest Android distribution numbers show Marshmallow finally cresting 1%

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While it’s a much better showing than the 0.2% movement that Marshmallow saw from December to January, the 0.5% rise this month doesn’t exactly qualify as explosive growth. With that said, it is important to remember that despite the relatively minuscule percentage, that means that Marshmallow is now on over 12 million Android devices.

While both versions of Lollipop saw a slight increase from last month totaling 1.5%, every version of Android below that decreased at least marginally, showing that everything is moving in the right direction. If we see similar change next month, KitKat may at last be toppled by Lollipop as the reigning named version of Android.

Froyo has dropped to just 0.1%, which leaves open the possibility that it may finally disappear from the list completely before celebrating its 6th birthday in May.

The next couple months should finally see meaningful movement for Marshmallow as the Samsung Galaxy S6 family is due for the upgrade and, of course, we will see multiple flagships announced at Mobile World Congress and hopefully launch with Marshmallow in March and April.

Source: Android Developers

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