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Leaked photo of Samsung Galaxy S7 shows a microUSB port

Samsung Galaxy S7 leak micro USB

Previous rumors and leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S7 have stated that Samsung is skipping the new USB Type-C port in favor of the old microUSB port we’re all used to. And in a new leak is a photo of the bottom of the device that shows off that microUSB port.

Samsung is usually the first to embrace new versions of USB, as the Galaxy Note 3 had that wide USB 3.0 plug when no one else had it (and no one else has used it since). With the Nexus line and a few other devices rocking the new reversible USB Type-C ports, it’s kind of a surprise that Samsung didn’t jump on it, too.

Though looking at the cable and inserting it the right way isn’t a big deal for people like us, many normal people wreck microUSB ports. A reversible plug is easier for everyone. On the other hand, we’ve seen issues with unsafe Type-C cables that don’t follow specifications, so maybe Samsung sees a risk in this. Either way, the port selection shouldn’t make or break a smartphone. What do you guys think of Samsung’s port selection? Leave a comment!

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