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Leaked photos show potential new design for next Moto phone

Moto leak

The latest leak on the now Lenovo-ified Moto brand shows off some photos of what could be the next Moto devices, namely the Moto X and Moto G. They’re blurry and low quality, but we can see that there’s a significant departure from the stylings of previous Motorola phones. Google’s roadmap ended with the Moto X Force, so now we may see something new and interesting.

Moto leak 2

Although the devices don’t look completely different from the previous generation, there are some major changes. It looks like some of them will be made out of metal, with the classic Moto dimple in the rear looking like the Nexus fingerprint readers. The other device shown is a similar curved phone as the current Moto X and Moto G.

Moto leak 3

While we won’t know if these photos are real for a long time, it’s an interesting peek into what the brand may be up to. The metal device sure looks good, so let’s hope we’ll see something similar later this year. What are your thoughts on Moto’s departure from its current design language? Leave a comment!

Source: HelloMotoHK

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