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LG partners with B&O PLAY to bring high-end audio to the G5


A phone company partnering with an audio company isn’t anything we haven’t seen before. HTC has partnered with both Beats and Harman Kardon, and Samsung had Wolfson Micro hardware in the Galaxy S (though this wasn’t advertised by Samsung, which is a shame). Now LG is stepping into the game with a partnership with B&O PLAY.

B&O PLAY is part of Bang & Olufsen, a well-respected audio company. Lag and B&O PLAY are working together to provide”the best sound experience to the customer” on the LG G5. There are no details on what this partnership entails for the G5, but if it’s anything like other mobile audio partnerships, it’ll result in some nicer speakers and maybe an included set of B&O headphones.

While the partnership will likely make the LG G5 sound better, the actual benefits probably won’t be huge. This may not be a selling point for most people. We’re still excited to see what the G5 brings to the table, though, and one more perk like B&O PLAY audio is appreciated.

Source: LG Newsroom

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