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LG teases ‘always-on’ display for G5


It won’t be long before we have three new flagships on our hands, coming from LG, Samsung and HTC. The rumor mill has been busy buzzing about all of these new flagships, but today brings in a solid report about the LG G5 that comes straight from the manufacturer itself.

On its Facebook page, LG Mobile has posted a teaser for the LG G5 that talks about its “always-on” display. That sounds a little confusing, but it’s very similar to implementations that we’ve seen in other devices.

The full display won’t always stay on, but when you turn the display off, the LG G5 will continue to dimly display a small amount of key information in dim black and white. This information includes the time, date and small icons inedicating your current notifications.

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Making an always-on display such as this one, without utterly destroying battery life, is something that almost surely confirms that LG has switched to using OLED display technology. A traditional LCD display has a backlight that lights entire display, even when the pixels are black. This set-up drains power at the same rate regardless of whether the pixels are black or white. With an OLED display, each pixel is individually lit, allowing the display to use minimal power if the majority of the pixels are black.

With LG now dropping official teasers for the device, we’ll likely continue to learn more solid information before the device’s launch, which shouldn’t be too far in the future. Stay tuned.

Source: LG Mobile (Facebook)

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