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LG teases G5, confirms it’s coming Feb 21

LG G5 teaser

LG is teasing the announcement of the LG G5 flagship both on its own site and Twitter. On its own site, you see the strange image above with no other details. The LG Twitter profile took a different approach, posting three photos of the number five.

The date lines up with LG’s press conference on February 21, right in time for the Mobile World Congress crowd. So we know the device will be unveiled there, but not much else. Unfortunately, we didn’t even get a sneak peek of the G5.

Rumor has it that the G5 will have dual cameras on the rear alongside a fingerprint reader. An early prototype in a dummy box was leaked with some interesting details, but of course nothing is confirmed. It’s only a few more weeks until we get to see the official announcement. Are any of you excited for the next LG flagship? Leave a comment!

Source: LG

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