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New pictures of LG G5 emerge in case listings

LG G5 Case (2)

Hungry for some more LG G5 rumors? If so, it’s your lucky night. We now have a new look at the LG G5 as the upcoming flagship has been partially revealed in some Amazon case listings. We don’t get a fully unobscured look at the device, but we can at least see what the dual camera setup looks like.

The dual-camera setup has two sensors, with one that appears to be significantly larger than the other. In between the two sensors sits a dual-LED flash, and below the camera rests a combo power button and fingerprint sensor. One of the biggest changes in the design is that LG has removed its iconic rear volume rocker and has instead opted for the more traditional side volume rocker.

Interestingly enough, however, a second case has been listed on Amazon and that listing has a different G5 render. We do have to say, however, that the render on that model looks less legitimate, particularly when placed in comparison to other rumors regarding the G5. With that one, we’re guessing that the manufacturer simply whipped up its own render of the G5 rather than using an official one.

From the pictures, it’s hard to tell which¬†material LG has used for the LG G5, though polycarbonate is definitely a possibility. Some rumors have pointed to a metal body, but if these images are to be believed, that may not be the case (ba-dum, tsh!).

What are your thoughts on these case listings? Real or not real?

LG G5 Case (2) LG G5 Case (3) LG G5 Case (4) LG G5 Case (5) LG G5 Case (6) LG G5 Case (7) LG G5 Case

Source: Amazon (1), (2)
Via: Android Central

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