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NVIDIA pulls Android 6.0 update for SHIELD Tablet due to potential WiFi issue


I’m sure many of you were pretty excited yesterday to hear that the Android 6.0 update for your beloved SHIELD Tablet was finally going to be hitting your device and delivering all of that Marshmallowy goodness. If you are like me, you probably found yourself checking for the update a few times throughout the day, and at one point I did actually get the notification that the OTA was there, but when I tapped it there was nothing there.

As it turns out, I’m probably lucky that I happened to miss my window of opportunity to download the Android 6.0 update, because some users are reporting that they are completely losing Wi-Fi connectivity following the update. For those of us that have WiFi-only SHIELD Tablets, that falls into what I would call the “catastrophic error” category.

If you never received the update, you are going to need to sit tight and wait for NVIDIA to clear up this matter and roll out a new update. To be clear, this only affects the update for the original SHIELD Tablet; the update for the SHIELD Tablet K1 is problem-free.

If you are one of the unfortunate users that did receive the update and you are experiencing Wi-Fi problems, hit the source link below for some instructions from NVIDIA on troubleshooting the problem.

Via: Android Police

Source: NVIDIA Forums

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