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NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow rolling out now


Owners of the original NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet may have been gritting their teeth at the thought of the new SHIELD Tablet K1 getting the Marshmallow update first, but a little over a month later, the tablets are once again running the same version of the OS. (Take solace in the fact that you’ll always have the integrated stylus over them.)

I’m assuming at this point that we are all pretty familiar with the advantages of Android 6.0, but just to highlight some of the most relevant pieces for the SHIELD Tablet.

  • Doze mode – This might be the biggest highlight for me, as the one consistent complaint I have with the SHIELD Tablet is that I will all too frequently come back to it after a day of it just sitting on my desk and find that it is either dead or near dead. The update last September had helped this issue to some degree, but I am hopeful that Doze mode will put an end to it entirely.
  • Adoptable storage – As the owner of a 16GB SHIELD Tablet, this one is an extremely close second as I can now slot in a microSD card and have it be treated as internal memory. Just remember that when you go to set up the microSD card for this, it is going to wipe the card in the process, so make sure you back up first.

If you want to check out the rest of the features, hit the source link below, but if there was nothing other than the two aforementioned features, I would still be scrambling to download this update. It’s rolling out to devices right now, but you may have to wait for it to hit your device; my personal SHIELD Tablet is still clinging to the lie that it is up-to-date on 5.1.1.

SHIELD Tablet K1 owners shouldn’t feel completely left out, you have an update coming today as well with a number of bug fixes and the January 2016 security update. Check the VIA link below for the full details on the K1 update.

What are you most looking forward to with Android 6.0 on your SHIELD Tablet?

Via: NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1 Update

Source: NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Update

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