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OnePlus 2 gets price cut down to $349

OnePlus 2

The OnePlus 2 has only been available without an invitation for a short stretch, but now OnePlus has gone ahead and lowered the price of entry for anyone who hasn’t already taken the plunge.

OnePlus has confirmed that it has cut the price of the OnePlus 2 by $40, which means you can pick up a new model for only $349. What’s more, the permanent change in price isn’t just for those in the U.S., as it applies to those in the UK, too, with the OnePlus 2 priced at £249. Buyers in other European parts will pay €345.

OnePlus is making good on the price cut for anyone that has bought a OnePlus 2 in the last 15 days, too. If you’ve purchased one in that time frame, you’ll be seeing a refund of $40 show up soon.

If you waited to pick up a OnePlus 2, will the price cut sway your decision?

Source: OnePlus Forums

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