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Podcasts coming to Play Music this month according to popular podcast host

Google Play Music

We’ve known since October that support for podcasts would be coming to Play Music, but the when has remained a mystery. Today Bill Simmons, host of the popular BS Podcast, took to Twitter to tell fans that the podcast would be available on the new platform when it launches later this month.

FYI - the BS Podcast will be available on Google Play when GP launches its podcast platform later this month.Bill Simmons@BillSimmons

It would seem odd for Simmons to just take a shot in the dark at this timeline for the release of the product, and it stands to reason that Google would have been in communication with some of the top podcasts producers to make sure they have everything in place for the launch.

Lending further credence to this being a case of Simmons accidentally letting slip more than he was supposed to, he has since pulled the tweet without comment.

As a confessed podcast addict, I’m glad to see Google taking its first real steps into the podcasting arena (No, Listen doesn’t really count.), but I don’t know that I’ll be switching over from my now longtime favorite, Pocket Casts.

Do you have a favorite podcast app right now? What would it take to get you to switch to a native Google solution?

Via: Android Central

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