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Samsung adds an ad blocker to its Android web browser


Back in 2015 (like it was a long time ago), blocking ads were a hot topic of discussion around the social networks, as companies like Apple built ad blocking support into their platforms. Now Samsung is jumping into the mix, too.

The company is officially adding ad blocking support into its Android web browser. The update will arrive for the stock browser beginning today on Android devices running Lollipop or higher. The first one out of the gate for Samsung’s browser is called Adblock Fast and, according to those who made the software, it will reduce load times on your Android device by 51 percent. It’s a free download from Google Play.

As far as big companies in the mobile market go, Samsung is one of the biggest, so the fact it’s throwing ad blocking into its default browser is a pretty big deal. Of course, many Android users probably use other browser apps, so it would be interesting to hear if someone switches away from, say, Google’s Chrome browser to Samsung Internet, just for the ad blocking.

Will you make the switch?

Source: The Verge

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