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Samsung creates 256GB flash storage chips for mobile devices

Samsung 256GB Storage Chip

As smartphones have continued to advance in power and capabilities, some features have been left partially by the wayside, failing to advance at quite the same rate as other features. One of those features is device storage, which many users have struggled with. Some manufacturers have attempted to alleviate the issue by offering microSD card slots, but this is only a partial solution, as not everything can be stored to a microSD card.

There are promising signs, however, that this is changing. Manufacturers like Samsung have been working to advance the speed and size of flash storage for mobile devices. Last year, the company announced that it had created 128GB flash storage chips for mobile devices. This year, it’s doubling that.

Samsung has officially created a 256GB flash storage chip for mobile devices. The chip is based on the Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 2.0 standard and nearly is twice as fast as SATA SSD storage for PCs. In speed terms, the chip can support up to 45,000 input/output operations per second for reading and 40,000 for writing.

What does the extra speed mean for capabilities? This chip can support seamless UHD video playback, as well as advanced split-screen functionality on large screen devices, even while playing 4K video.

To top it all off, Samsung has packed all of these capabilities into a chip that’s smaller than an external microSD card, making it even more compact in future phone designs. The chip isn’t in any current flagships, but Samsung has designed it for next-generation high-end devices and has begun mass production, so with any luck, it won’t be long before we begin seeing devices with higher storage options.

Source: Samsung

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