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Samsung Galaxy S7 camera superior to iPhone 6s in low-light MWC test

Samsung Galaxy S7 low light camera comparison

Samsung’s latest flagship has debuted, and the camera is a point of interest. The rear-facing camera is a mere 12-megapixel sensor, but it features a big aperture, large pixels, and optical image stabilization. This should make for great low-light photos, and Samsung’s own test at Mobile World Conference confirms this.

The above photos were taken together at one time in a very dim room, and the shot from the Galaxy S7 is far brighter than either the iPhone 6s or the Galaxy S6. It’s really impressive! However, there are a few variables that might be influencing this test.

First of all, the phone was mounted to a table, so this doesn’t show how good the optical image stabilization is, nor does it show how well the phone accounts for blur. The exposure might have also been set higher, but we don’t know that. Either way, the camera shows some real potential, but we’ll have to test it for ourselves to see how well it really performs.

What do you guys think? Is this amazing camera going to be the defining factor of the Galaxy S7? Would this aspect influence your smartphone buying decision? As a happy owner of a Moto X, I can honestly say I’m being swayed.

Source: Phandroid

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