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Samsung reportedly selling edge displays to other manufacturers

Samsung Edge display Vivo Xplay5

Samsung’s edge displays have been a differentiating factor in the smartphone game, not only offering a unique appearance but having some new features to go along with them. But that may soon change, as Samsung is reportedly going to be selling the edge displays to other manufacturers to use in their smartphones.

The companies allegedly in talks with Samsung are Huawei, Xiaomi, and Vivo (above is a leaked image of the Xplay5). The BlackBerry Priv apparently uses a Samsung edge display, and while it doesn’t serve any functional purpose, you have to admit that it looks pretty good.

In the end, it will result in more unique devices and that’s great for the customer. A budget Huawei or Xiaomi phone with curved screen edges sounds great, since the edge displays are only on flagships in the Samsung lineup. What do you think about Samsung giving up a differentiating factor like the curved edge displays? Leave a comment!

Via: Phandroid

Source: etnews

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