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Sprint targets Verizon with twice the data for the same price


The carriers love to battle it out, with each operator aiming to offer more value to customers than the others. Sprint and T-Mobile have put on the biggest show, but today, Sprint is taking Verizon head-on and offering a nearly identical plan structure, with a key difference: Sprint is offering twice the data for the same price as Verizon.

Sprint’s new Better Choice plans follow the same size-based setup as Verizon, with options ranging from small to extra-extra large. Each plan offers unlimited talk and text, with a shareable amount of data among the users. Here’s how it breaks down with data and pricing:

  • Small: 3GB for $30
  • Medium: 6GB for $45
  • Large: 12GB for $60
  • XL: 24GB for $80
  • XXL: 40GB for $100

Once customers reach their data allotment, they don’t face any overage charges, but will be slowed to 2G speeds, unless they choose to pay $15/GB for data after that point.

Additionally, Sprint is also still offering an unlimited data option, which ranges in price based on how many lines are connected. For a limited time, you can get the fourth line free, making it just $150/month for four lines with unlimited talk, text and data.

If you’re a Verizon customer, you may want to take a look at this latest offering from Sprint, as it can offer you much greater bang for your buck. Check out the source link below for the official announcement from Sprint.

Source: Business Wire

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