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T-Mobile HTC One M9 has a date with Marshmallow next week

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While the Marshmallow update for the AT&T One M9 remains in a holding pattern due to some complications, the T-Mobile One M9 is full speed ahead, with its Marshmallow OTA starting this coming Tuesday, February 16th. This is all according to the ever reliable (but not infallible), Mo Versi of HTC.

Not surprisingly, despite AT&T’s issues, it still looks like they will manage to edge out Verizon on the One M9 update, with the latter still undergoing testing.

HTC is keeping things competitive as far as speed of updates, and thanks in no small part to Mo Versi, they offer a level of transparency that many manufacturers lack. Of course, we’ll see HTC hardware get a tremendous boost in software update speed this year if the Nexus rumors actually come to pass. For now, T-Mobile One M9 owners should get ready to join in the Android 6.0 fun this Tuesday.

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