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Twitter launches algorithmic timeline, disabled by default


This past week had the Internet buzzing about reports that Twitter would be ditching its classic chronological timeline and instead opting for a new timeline powered by algorithms that would order tweets based on what the algorithm thinks you’re most interested in. Some were cautiously curious about the idea, but most were in a frenzy, shocked that Twitter would change such a core part of its design.

Today, the new algorithmic timeline has arrived, but in a much less aggressive fashion than most assumed. The new timeline feature will indeed place the most important tweets at the top of your feed in reverse chronological order, but only if you’ve been away from Twitter for a while. Below this selection of tweets, all of the other tweets will still appear in reverse chronological order, per usual. To instantly see the most recent tweets, users need only pull-to-refresh.

Twitter is also disabling the feature by default, meaning that users who are interested in using it will need to go into settings and flip the switch labeled, “Show me the best Tweets first”.

Twitter’s new feature doesn’t sound all too different from its existing “While you were away” feature. This section of tweets appears if you haven’t used Twitter in a while, showing you highlights from the people you follow that were sent out since you last used Twitter. In essence, the new algorithmic timeline is essentially the same feature.

At the end of the day, it appears that all of the hubbub was simply blowing the feature out of proportion. If you’re interested in hearing Twitter’s take on the new feature, just check out the source link down below.

Source: Twitter

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