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Verizon gives its prepaid offerings a data boost

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While the postpaid market certainly gets the lion’s share of the attention for mobile coverage, the prepaid market is a critical arena for the carriers and a compelling option for many customers.

Verizon certainly isn’t known as a budget offering, and while it isn’t the cheapest option in the prepaid world either, it does retain a network advantage in many areas of the country. Today its value proposition just got a lot more interesting with the smartphone prepaid plans that includes 2GB of data for $45 a month or 5GB at $60 a month. That is up from 1GB and 3GB previously. The plans include unlimited talk and text in the U.S. and unlimited texting to Canada and Mexico. Customers are also eligible for another 1GB of data each month if they enroll in Auto Pay.

This compares favorably with T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plans that start at $50 for 2GB of data with unlimited talk and text. The big difference is that with T-Mobile, you will fall back to 2G if you go over your data for the month, whereas with Verizon you will be paying for that extra data.

This doesn’t make Verizon the clear cut winner in the big carrier prepaid race, but it does at least put them on relatively even footing with the others, and in many areas that is enough to tip the scales in favor of Verizon thanks to its coverage.

Source: Verizon Wireless Blog

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