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Verizon offering 2GB free data per month on XL and XXL plans

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The Big Four US carriers are in a constant war of trying to outdo each other. While Sprint and T-Mobile may be the most aggressive in their offers, the other two have also responded with their own deals. Verizon is offering a new promo today with its two largest plans, the XL and XXL plans.

New or existing Verizon customers can score an extra 2GB of data every month when they activate or upgrade to a new phone on a Verizon XL or XXL plan. That means that customers can get an extra 24GB of data per year, and the deal stays for life if you keep a phone active on the XL or XXL plan.

Additionally, the data is shareable and up to ten lines can take advantage of the deal. That means that you’ll get an extra 2GB per month for each line on your plan. With four people, for example, you’d receive 8GB of free data per month, adding up to 96GB of data per year. If you maxed out with ten people on your line, you’d be getting 20GB of free data per month, adding up to a whopping 240GB of free data every year!

It should be noted that the free data offer extends only to smartphones, as tablets and other connected devices are not eligible to receive the free data. They can still use the extra data in the allotment, but they won’t add to it.

This is a decent deal from Big Red, although it’s a bit impractical for anyone other than families and power users. Check out the source link for more details from the carrier itself.

Source: Verizon

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