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Verizon’s go90 app will let you watch video over LTE without impacting your data allowance

Verizon go90

Once upon a time, unlimited data was a thing that was offered by all the carriers. Now that’s all changed, and many carriers offer either data allowances every month or “unlimited data” that’ll slow you down after you consume a certain amount of data. While it still exists at some carriers, the biggest wireless operators seemed all too willing to ditch the unlimited schtick as soon as they could.

Even T-Mobile, which offers unlimited data, only some which is at its highest speeds, has found a way to make sure that its subscribers don’t eat away at that monthly allowance without actually changing its plans. The first was Music Freedom, which allows subscribers to stream music from some streaming services without counting against their data. And most recently, Binge On, which lets subscribers stream “optimized” video from participating platforms without impacting their high-speed data allowance.

And here’s Verizon Wireless to jump on the bandwagon. The Big Red carrier has updated its go90 video apps for both Android and iOS, bumping the version up to 1.4.0. The update’s biggest takeaway: It will allow subscribers to stream go90 video over an LTE connection without impacting their monthly data allowance. (The update includes other additions, like free NBA game previews, a faster streaming experience, and more.)

There are caveats, though. Verizon has said that while streaming video content through the app won’t impact your data allotment, doing just about anything else in the app still will. That includes leaving comments, clipping, or even just browsing through the app.

So, what do you think of Verizon’s latest move?

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