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Tronsmart Titan desktop Quick Charger review


Devices are getting more and more power hungry, so batteries are growing in size. But charging has long remained fairly slow. If your phone is dead midday, you’ll be stuck by a charger for quite a while before it’s ready to go for a few more hours. But Quick Charge changed that, allowing devices to charge much quicker for a big top up in a surprisingly small amount of time.


The Tronsmart Titan desktop charger aims to fix dying batteries not only for your smartphone, but for a family of smart devices. It features five ports, all supporting Quick Charge 2.0 for much faster charging rates. All five ports being capable of quick charging is quite a surprise!


The charger is capable of 18W per port and 90W total, so having five devices charging at once doesn’t mean you give up quick charging. If your device doesn’t support Quick Charge 2.0, the charger steps down to 5V/2A charging, so this isn’t exclusively for modern devices. It also has protection circuits to prevent overheating and overcharging, which is standard for quality chargers.

When I plug my Moto X Pure Edition into this charger, it recognizes it as a Turbo charger and charges at a staggering rate equivalent to the included Motorola Turbo charger. For my specific device, it ends up charging around 60-70% an hour. A 15 minute charge can get you around 20% of your battery filled up, good for a few hours of use and quite a while of standby if you’re going out.

The device is also ready for travel, supporting 110-240V with the right prong adapter or cable. Instead of bringing a bunch of wall warts to take up precious hotel outlets, this one device can do it all.

One complaint I have is that it emits a quiet buzzing. This isn’t nearly as bad as many chargers seem to do (I’ve seen a few that emit a loud shriek from across the room). I could hear it when the charger was on my bedside table, but it’s inaudible moved 5 feet away to my desk. I consider this a very minor problem as a youngster with acute hearing, and it’ll likely be entirely inaudible for anyone over 30.


Another odd little thing is the green light. It’s fairly dim, so it doesn’t really bug me at night (and I unplug most glowing things at night). But it doesn’t turn off when the switch on the rear is flipped off. Odd design choice, but not one that matters.

If you’re interested in picking one up, hit the source link. It’s not particularly cheap (going for $37.99 on Amazon as of writing this review), but it’s a great accessory to keep around the house. Let the entire family charge their devices, or charge your own pile of devices all at once, and bring it abroad for easy and quick charging from a single outlet.

Source: Tronsmart

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