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[US only giveaway] Win a Neo smartpen N2, a device that stores your written words on your phone

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There are many situations in which physically writing is so much more convenient than typing on your phone or your computer. Everything around us is becoming more digital, but nothing has replaced the pen and paper. A computer or phone just isn’t fast enough or free-form enough for me to capture all my thoughts and ideas as I work or study. But how convenient would it be to be able to write with a pen and paper and automatically store all that information digitally? And on top of that, make that data searchable? This Neo smartpen N2 can do these things, and it does a pretty darn good job of not letting the technology get in your way.

The N2 smartpen is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, and it’s been available to all for several months now. The N2 is simply a pen with a camera that watches what you’re writing and passes it onto a mobile device. The camera watches at 120 frames per second and can also sense the pressure you’re writing with. To work, the N2 requires special paper with Ncode technology, which includes tiny character patterns that tell the N2 and the companion app where you’re writing. The pen uses Bluetooth to connect with Android and iOS devices.

Neo Smartpen N2-3We reviewed the N2 back in September and had a very positive experience with it. At the time of our review, the only option for getting paper was to purchase the special Ncode technology paper. Since then, NeoLAB has launched a program called “N Toaster” that allows you to use your own printer to produce Ncoded paper. That means that we no longer need to purchase the Ncoded notebooks or paper to work with the N2. This adds an additional convenience to using the Neo smartpen N2, especially if you need new paper in a pinch.

The N2 comes in two colors — Silver White and Titan Black — and will set buyers back $169. It’s available from, or you can get it with free shipping in the US via Amazon. In addition to the pen, the special paper comes in several different varieties, and in my opinion, the cost isn’t outrageous. For example, you can get a 5 pack of 100-ruled A4 paper pads for $21.90. I haven’t used smartpen competitors like Equil and Livescribe, but the N2 seems very competitively priced for its smooth online and offline experience and features.

Overall, I’ve been impressed with the experience of the N2. The pen and app are super easy to use. I love that the app can convert written text into digital, searchable text, which is super convenient for going through your notes later. If you think a smartpen would be amazing for your schooling, business, or lifestyle, the N2 should be considered. It could even be a great gift for your gadget-obsessed loved one.

Now, it’s giveaway time! One lucky Android and Me reader will receive a Neo smartpen N2 as well as an N professional notebook by entering through the different methods in the widget below. This is a US-only giveaway (sorry non-US readers!) and the contest will run through Friday, March 25th. Winners will be announced via the Gleam widget.

Best of luck with the contest! Let’s give a big thanks to the makers of the Neo smartpen N2 for partnering with us for this giveaway. What are your thoughts on the Neo smartpen N2? What are you thoughts on smartpens in general? Do you think the N2 is missing any must-have features? Have an N2 and have thoughts you’d like to share on it? Let us know what you think by commenting below.

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