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Amazon bans non-compliant USB Type C cables from being sold on its site

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USB Type C is an awesome new technology, with a reversible cable and higher speeds for future proofing devices for many years. The reversible part is quite useful in particular, as micro USB orientation can be a pain. But all new technology suffers from growing pain, and USB Type C is no exception. The problem is, the pain is coming from the third party.

Benson Leung, a Google employee, had taken it upon himself to test various USB Type C cables┬áto see how well they work, and if they’re compliant with the standards set by the USB Implementers Forum Inc. The result was that many cables weren’t compliant and risked very real damage to your device. Unfortunately, he had his Chromebook Pixel damaged by one of these cables.

Although it took a while, Amazon has now banned the sale of non-compliant USB Type C cables on its site, which means a lot of the bad cables will be disappearing. This doesn’t guarantee that every cable on Amazon is safe, but it’s a big help for those who don’t know how much of a risk a cheap Type C cable is. If you’re in need of a cable, check out Leung’s Amazon profile for his reviews.

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